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Promo Video

Warren Promo Video

Several weeks ago, we partnered with one of our vendors, Hyva, to put together some content for a promo video. There will eventually be several videos, but the first promo video is now available on YouTube. These videos feature Warren products working in conjunction with Hyva products. The two Warren products that we will be featuring are a Warren dumping flat bed and a Warren Half-Round dump body, In the coming weeks, we will do a write-up for each product to showcase the release of the videos.

Product Summary

Warren Half Round (WHR) Dump Body

The first product featured in the promo video is the Warren Half Round is a heavy demolition unit that we manufacture at our Talco, TX, facility. This unit is constructed from 1/4 in Hardox 450steel. The WHR body has a true “half round” shape that allows for ultimate durability.


Warren Dumping Flat bed

promo videoThe second product featured in the promo video is a 20 ft dumping flat bed. The particular unit featured in the video was manufactured for a lumber company, but the product is very versatile.

Hyva Relationship

Warren has had a relationship with Hyva for several years now. That relationship grew stronger after we traveled to the IAA show in Germany last year. Not only did we have the opportunity to see the industry on a global scale, but we also were able to connect with Hyva on a global scale. This experience further solidified our relationship with the Hyva team. We have switched to Hyva as our preferred vendor on many products as a result.

Promo Video

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Heavy Duty Demolition Dump Body

Warren Dump Body of the Week – 16.5′ WAR Body

heavy duty demolition dump body

IMG_5672 2

Heavy Duty Demolition Dump Body

This week’s featured dump body is a heavy duty demolition dump body manufactured for our great customer, Worldwide Equipment – Columbia. This unit has a special paint job with matching fenders, per the customers request.

Dump Body:

Yardage: 19/21
Floor Material: 1/4 AR450
Front / Material: 56″ 1/4 AR450

Side / Material: 54” 1/4 AR450

Vertical Side Brace: No
Horizontal Brace: No
Hoist / Cylinder: VTLW-74135
Hydraulics: Yes
IMG_5674 2


Air Operated: Yes
Panel: 2 Horizontal
Material: 1/4 AR450
Height: 60
Slope: None
Chains: 5/16″
Double Acting: No
High Lift Gate: No
Water Tight: None


Cabshield: Full Width-1/2 (24”)
Asphalt Apron: 8″ Push Type
Center Board Pockets: Yes
Lights: LED Standard
Oval S/T/T: (1) Per Post
Pump: 35 gal w/air shift CCW

Console: Clutch Shift Air
Conspicuity Tape: Yes
Mudflaps and Brackets: Yes
Side Boards: Pine – 2×8
Covers: No
Wires in Conduit No


Color: Metallic Blue
TARP SYSTEM TARP system – installed
Brand: Donovan
Manual / Electric: Manual

Fender Match – Metallic Blue
Aluminum Tread plate installation

The WAR body is Warren’s heavy duty demolition dump body model. For more information on the options of this elliptical dump body, please visit our sister website There you will find information on all of our great dump body models. Remember, we can customize any of our models to fit your specific needs.

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