custom aluminum dump body

Featured Body of the Month: Custom Aluminum Dump Body

Featured Unit of the Month

Custom Aluminum Dump Body


This month’s featured body of the month is a custom aluminum dump body. This dump body is 16.6 ft with several special options for a customer in Puerto Rico.The specifications for this unit are below:custom aluminum dump body

Yardage: 18/23
Floor Material: 1/4 Aluminum
Front / Material: 72″ 1/4″ Aluminum
Side / Material: 60″ .190″ Aluminum
Vertical Side Brace: Yes
Horizontal Brace: Yes
Hoist / Cylinder: VTLW-74135Tailgate: Air Operated: Yes
Panel: 9
Material: 1/4 Aluminum
Height: 68″
Chains: 5/16″
Upper asphalt apron/catch basin
8″ wide x 3″ at gate sloping to 2″ at rear
Water Tight: Yes with 2 Aluminum winders (2) each side
Cabshield – custom: narrowed to fit in between exhausts
Brand: Donovan
Manual / Electric: Electric
Type: Arm
Aluminum / Steel: Aluminum
Tarp Size: 90″x18’Special Options:
Asphalt apron – 10″ with 18″ wings welded on – add extra supports underneath
Custom mudguard bracket and size
Custom mount position for added distance between tires and mudguards
Extra LED marker lights top and bottom of each vertical post (8) posts
1″ tapered finish on sides

custom aluminum dump body

In addition to the specifications above, this custom aluminum dump body has a Muncie PTO. This unit was manufactured and installed at our Plant City, Florida facility.

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Aluminum Dump Body – Dump Body of the Week

Featured Dump Body

Dump Body of the Week – Aluminum Dump Body

This week’s featured dump body is an aluminum dump body for Worldwide Equipment in Columbia, SC. This is one of ten units purchased by Worldwide for one of their valued customers in Sumter, SC.  Their customer is a local South Carolina hauling company that was looking to expand their fleet. We are very excited to be part of their expansion! The units were manufactured in Plant City, FL, and feature several special options. Each unit is 18.6′ long and has a water tight sealed tailgate.

aluminum dump body

Body Specs:

  • Floor Material: 1/4 ALUM 5083
  • Front / Material: 56″ .190 ALUMwater tight tailgate
  • Side / Material: 48″ .160 ALUM
  • Vertical Side Brace: Yes
  • Tailgate: 9 Panel

    Material: .190 ALUM 5454
    Height: 56
    Slope: 6″
    Chains: 5/16″
    Water Tight: Yes with 4 aluminum winders (1) each side (2) under
    gatealuminum tailgate

  • Cabshield: Full Width-1/2 (24″)
    Asphalt Apron: 8″
    Center Board Pockets Yes
    Lights: LED Standard
    Oval S/T/T: (1) Per Post
    Muncie TG8 Series

The winders featured on this aluminum dump body tailgate help to further secure the water tight seal. Winders can be put on steel and aluminum bodies with or without a water tight gate. We see many people on the coast who haul sludge add winders to their standard tailgates to further secure the tailgate with their high moisture content load.

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